Accessing SecureStore or AsncStorage data Android (Java)

Hi, I am currently trying to access data that is being stored in storage on the JS side. The storage type that I am using is SecureStore, but this is giving me problems at the moment, so I moved to AsyncStorage for the time being (With the idea being to go back to SecureStore once I sort out the issues).

Can anyone please assist me with a way that I will be able to access the SecureStore and AsyncStorage on the Native side for android (Java) ?

I have been searching online for an answer, but I am struggling to find an answer.

Thanks in advance.

If you detached, you probably want to do something like write your own native module. I’m not aware of an easy way to access AsyncStorage things from native code. You could look at the source code though and maybe figure it out.

For SecureStore, it sounds like there might be a way? Based on the docs here. SecureStore - Expo Documentation

source code for SecureStore:

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