(#606) SDK version not supported

  1. SDK Version: 35
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android
      .then(didClick => { })
      .catch(error => { console.log(error) });

This line of code giving the following error

(#606) SDK version not supported

  • node_modules\react-native\Libraries\BatchedBridge\NativeModules.js:104:55 in
  • node_modules\react-native\Libraries\BatchedBridge\MessageQueue.js:414:4 in __invokeCallback
  • … 4 more stack frames from framework internals

Hey @narayan, unfortunately we have dropped support for SDK35 at this point in time. If possible, I would highly recommend upgrading to a newer release. An incremental approach is often wise so you can pinpoint any breakages or issues that arise. SDK36 is our lowest, supported version so you could just do one upgrade.


Hey @adamjnav I want to know if the error is related to sdk version of expo or facebook audience network

both. sdk 35 uses an old facebook ad sdk version.

Hey @notbrent Thanks

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