100 Days of code Challenge

I’m doing the 100 Days of Code Challenge #100DaysOfCode and start from 0 every day. I use Node JS, React Native & GraphQL on a Macbook Pro and deploy to Linux Ubuntu 16.04 on Linode.

What am I trying to create? A shared note-taking app called [Magic]
I’ve done this video multiple times and the newest one is probably the most information dense.


This is the lates video (today)

0) From idea detailed MVP as quickly as possible

A) Create React Native UI
B) Connect data to React Native UI
C) Testing (Jest) and Typescript for React Native
D) CHALLENGE I: The above in one day

E) Create GraphQL Server
F) Put that server remotely and be able to reach it
G) CHALLENGE II: All of the above in one day

H) Going into beta with a data-driven RN app (Android + iOS)
I) Testing, Typescript, Logging, Tooling, Automation
J) CHALLENGE III: All of the above in one day

K) Going into production: creating a plan
L) Simple landing page / blog / funnel
M) Go through the app store iOS & android
N) Production habits
O) CHALLENGE IV: All of the above in one day

I would like to invite everybody to join me and do a similar challenge of 100 days of code with EXPO!!! Let’s see what you can learn in 100 days!

Do you like what I’m doing? Join the internal slack group for people that are interested in becoming the best at creating data driven react native apps to create quick MVP’s for anything! PM ME ON YOUTUBE PLEASE