Introduce yourself!


I am Brent Vatne, I work on Expo and live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The rest of the team is in Palo Alto, California but ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I work on the Expo SDK, write docs, write release notes, work on templates, work on the Expo client UI (we call it “Expo Home”), and a bunch of other things. You can find me on Github: @brentvatne and Twitter: @notbrent. I have a dog named Lucy and she is the best.


Hey, everyone! My name is Ray. I’m a web developer and an aspiring startup founder. I have discovered this project from the Create React Native App link on Hacker News, and was blown away. It’s so awesome that I can use my skills to build mobile apps now!

Purchased React Native course, learning it actively. Hopefully this will lead to some exciting fun projects!

Really happy to join this community!


Hello :smiley: , I’m CJ. Indian born but living in Thailand. I’m full stack web developer. I do enjoy coding and its kinda my hobby.

Get to know about React Native since before they released for Android. Expo is doing something great , hope you keep surprising us. :smiley:



I’m Charlie. I work on Expo.

Before working on Expo, I was working on the iPhone and Android apps at Quora, and the frustrations of the existing mobile development flow made me want to work on this problem.

I grew up in Pittsburgh (miss it and love it) and live in Palo Alto now. :wave:t2:




I’m Jordan and I’m on-leave from college working on a startup project and teaching CS.

Grew up in a small town on the coast of CA and am now freezing on the East coast.

Fun fact: I helped film a seminar led by @ccheever about Expo.



I’m Nacho from Spain.

I’m a code designer, loving ruby, rails, and now react and expo.
I work as remote freelance designer/developer with special superpowers.




My name is Ricardo and I am from Barranquilla, Colombia - Shakira and Sofia Vergara were born here -.
I’m not sure how to call myself since I do backend, frontend and now thanks to Expo, mobile development.

I started with exponent some months ago and build an app just to count how many beers I drink while I party.

Right now I am building a new app, but this time I cannot share many details, you know, confidentiality but it’s awesome.

Feel free to contact me if you have any problems with Expo and RN.




I’m Jesse. I work on Expo and live in Palo Alto, California. I work on the Android client, XDE, exp, and Sketch mostly.

Expo is an exciting project for me because it makes it easier to learn how to code. I want to make it so that anyone can build apps without worrying about how to get started.




I’m Sterling. I’m doing a startup out of Utah and we decided to use exponent for both iOS/Android. I’ve been doing ReactJS development for a while but am more recently jumping into ReactNative.

We are using Expo for our production app.


My name is Navjeet and I am from Virginia. I am mainly a backend developer (Ruby on Rails) but recently starting learning React Native. I am writing a small app using Rails as backend and enjoying it so far. I would like to collaborate with some designer folks to take my app to the next level.


Hi l!!
This is Roshan Gautam from Nepal. I am a student at Computer Science. Perviously doing native android development (Java), moving to React Native, new to whole Javascript world. A lot to learn. I find Expo cool and starting my new project with Expo and CRNA.

Find me on twitter. @roshangautam0


Hey everyone,

The name is Adam. Born and raised in Wisconsin. Yes, I do love cheese, but who doesn’t? My passions, as you can tell by my profile picture, include music, FC Barcelona futbol, as well as the Green Bay Packers and most recently coding. Learning more about coding day by day, which has become tremendously easier by both the Expo products and the very welcoming and compassionate Expo community. Everything is much appreciated.

*Random aside, currently learning french via DuoLingo so if there are any french speakers out there, if you want to shoot me a message on the Expo slack and help me sharpen my skills with some conversation that would be excellent!


Hey everyone!

My name is Amit. I’m in New York City. I’m a partner at Prehype, we build startups with large companies.

I’m also developer, mostly React and Node. I love working on mobile apps so React Native really got me going as a mobile developer. I also like to work on bots and APIs occasionally. I downloaded Expo a while ago but only now starting to really test it out. Really excited! Big thanks to the Expo team for doing an amazing job. You guys make our lives a lot easier and more fruitful!!



I’m Brendan and I work for a startup called Brainbuild. We built our iOS app with Expo and it’s been amazing thus far. Big ups to everyone working on Expo.

I’m from Dallas, TX, but love to travel all over while I work remotely. I’m in VA now, but was in Thailand last year and plan to explore Europe and South America later this year!



Dominik here. I’m a freelance software dev originally from the backend side. Doing frontend stuff more these days and just started to use Expo for an app to the Underwater Robots/Exploration site

New to app development, except for some try and error years ago on Android and so far the experience has been good.

  • Dom


I’m Nick … I live in Park City, Utah…two ski resorts in town :skier: and the greatest snow on earth . When not bombing down the mountain, I have a start-up that does customer relationship management software and started making the change to ReactJS and React-Native over the past year. Got say I love Expo :heart_eyes: and have totally moved to using it to build mobile apps. Awesome product


Hello Everyone,

My name is Zeeshan Hanif, I’m full stack developer working as freelancer on MEAN and React Stack.
Recently Started working on exponent and it seems to reduce lots of Mobile app development problems.

Zeeshan Hanif



I’m new to Expo, new the React.js, new to React-Native, and new to developing in general. In the beginning of January I enrolled in a full-stack web development bootcamp, and with any luck I’m going to finish up the course this week and get a job as a junior developer some time in the near future.

I have chosen to create my first React app using Expo because of the unique feature of being able to deploy the app easily so that other people, in my case my potential employers, can test out the app in their hand with their own device to get a ‘hands on’ experience.

I like that Expo considers itself the “Rails” of the react-native environment, as getting started as newb on something like React-Native can be frustrating (devastating even?) since the software is moving so quickly toward a stable production ready release and it’s extremely difficult to figure out which packages are going to work and which ones are going to give me a red screen that never goes away. Having a highly opinionated environment to work in is exactly what I needed to achieve my goals in a short period of time - a necessary requirement of my situation.

I’m also green with Node in general since my class was heavily centered on teaching the Ruby on rails environment and never even mentioned node in its curriculum (maybe once, in passing…). I’ve already had my fair share of npm woes… ENEONT why do hate me so? Hehe.

Thankfully, I discovered Expo at the last moment so that I could put a deployed URL on my resume, and I can continue to learn the basics without some crazy error stopping me in my tracks entirely.


PS. Getting out of Homebrew was the best thing I ever did for the performance of Node, npm, and just my development software in general. Between the intractable permissions errors with installing packages, somehow Brew refusing to link SSL and Ruby properly, and PostgreSQL… well, let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. I feel much more confident that my software is going to work the way that it’s supposed to now that installed all my software the old fashioned way with a tarball. It may have taken a little more time and few extra steps, but boy was it worth it! I’m liking Expo so far and I hope to spread the word to all my stiff necked Rails using friends that there is a more fun way to do things. Thanks for all your hard work! Thanks for being open-source and free!



I’m fozzarelo(Dan). Fresh out of CodeCore Vancouver. Coding RN Cross-platform front and back for LittleFleets.


Hi all guys. My name is Matteo (Italy), and i’m starting to build some react native app with expo sdk. These will be awesome!!