Would you use expo.io to build a website? (No app necessary)

Let’s say I need to build a web application, in React. This is a complex web site with CRUD, advanced search capabilities, and workflows. There is no need to have it run as mobile app, just a web site. Would you use expo to build the web site? Or its just not what expo is meant to be used for?

Part of Expo that really shines is that you can use it to make universal applications, so your single codebase can be used to generate apps for iOS, Android, and Web. React Native is still pretty early on in the days of web support, relative to iOS & Android

You definitely can build your site with Expo and React Native, but if your goal is to only ever ship it as a web app, then you might want to pick tools that aim specifically to do that. But this is really a personal choice for you and depends on where you think you’ll want to take the app further down the line (i.e. if you do want to make it a mobile app or pwa eventually, then you’ll be glad you started with Expo & react native)

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