Do apps developed with expo use HTML in the version submitted to stores?

I’m hoping someone can give me a straight answer here as I can’t find a yes or no.

I’m looking at building a app for a government lottery. One of Apple’s new policies is that the app cannot be built using html5.

When the app is running in development the app is almost certainly HTML based, but react native totes that the javascript compiled down to native code.

When I send the app to expo to build is it creating a native app? or is it giving me an APK that is working similarly to phonegap where its running web-code inside of a wrapper? If it is using HTML will ejecting from expo help solve this issue?


Expo can make apps for iOS and/or Android. These apps are absolutely not HTML5 apps. They have nothing to do with HTML (even in development) unless you deliberately make use of a WebView.

This is not quite correct. The JavaScript is not compiled down to native code. The JavaScript drives the native code.

Expo also has the ability to make web pages using react-native-web, but in this case the result is not an app that you install on your phone. It’s a web app that you run from a web server and view using a web browser (e.g. a desktop browser or a browser on the phone.)

Yes. It’s a native app that includes native code and JavaScript, but no HTML.

No, unless you deliberately make use of a WebView component within your app.

Ejecting makes no difference to the above answers.

I hope that’s straight enough for you :slight_smile:

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