with-sqlite example fails in web version

  1. expo-cli 4.0.17
    expo-sqlite 8.5.0
    react-native sdk-40.0.1
  2. Android/web


The “with-sqlite” example works fine on Android Expo app. However, web version fails when it tries to access sqlite query results.
First exception is TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined. But it is not the actual source of issue, just a side effect of undefined variable.

Actually, the issue is in the query result. According to docs (and code applies this knowing) the result is represented as

  rows: {

The _array field then used to be set as items state

  React.useEffect(() => {
    db.transaction(tx => {
        `select * from items where done = ?;`,
        [doneHeading ? 1 : 0],
        (_, { rows: { _array } }) => setItems(_array)
  }, []);

Web version works sligltly differently. The result does not have rows._array property. Instead, rows property represent SQLResultSetRowList object which provides item(i) method to access the actual resultset rows.
Fix in form below works for me.

     let res_array = [];
     for (let i=0; i<result.rows.length; i++){

My question is - why this differs in Web and Android version? Where it should be fixed? If it is possible to fix, of course.

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