[Typescript/expo-sqlite] SQLite _array does not exist on type

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  1. SDK Version: 41
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): iOS, Android
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I am trying to create a SQLite db using expo-sqlite. When I try to fetch the items from the file using

db.transaction((tx) => {
        `SELECT * FROM decks`,
        (_, { rows: { _array } }) => setDeckList(_array),
        (_, err) => console.log('ERROR: ', err)

the _array type does not exist on the returned SQLResultSetRowList interface. After looking into the node_modules I have confirmed that it does not exist

export interface SQLResultSet {
  insertId: number;
  rowsAffected: number;
  rows: SQLResultSetRowList;

export interface SQLResultSetRowList {
  length: number;
  item(index: number): any;

Is there a different way that I can grab the array? Also, I was looking to open the file manually with a SQLite browser but I could not find the file. The docs mention it should be in ${FileSystem.documentDirectory}/SQLite/${name}, but there is nothing in the file. Is there a new location where the files are being stored?

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