Why to use expo Asset instead of standart react-native require('path/to/file) or {uri:'https://}

Hi. Sorry if my question is stupid.
I have read 3 articles about Assets:
[[Asset - Expo Documentation]]
Assets - Expo Documentation
Handling Assets - Expo Documentation

Until now, I have been using require(/path/to/file) and {uri}. It works for images, audios and videos.
And from those 3 articles I didn’t understand, why should I use Asset, instead of out-of-box react native require or uri.
Is it for auto upload assets to expo cdn and decrease bundle size?
Or is it for handle loading process (as in useAssets)?

Sorry again if question is stupid. But I have read even 2-3 times all 3 articles and didn’t understand. Please, share your opinion.

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