Why the commit id is the same after changes in code?

  • Whether you are bare or managed workflow
  • Your eas-cli version 0.53
  • What you have tried so far I tried to make changes in code again and clear cache with --clear-cache option but the commit id is still the same.

Hi everyone,
I have a question why my eas build commit id is the same while there are changes between builds?

I discovered this because I feel weird why the build app’s behavior is not same when I run it on my laptop with expo start --localhost --ios. And the eas build commit number should not be the same after I made changes to the code.

Please drop a line if you have any clue.

we include the commit that you run the build from but we don’t force you to commit your changes before running the build unless you use the requireCommit option in eas.json. fyi/eas-build-archive.md at main · expo/fyi · GitHub

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