Will EAS Update send out code that is not yet committed using git?

Let’s have I have a highly experimental change to my Expo software on my development machine and I don’t want to commit it using git quite yet, but I do want to test it out on the one device where a sporadic bug had occurred.

With expo publish, the behavior (IIRC) was that calling expo publish would publish the state of the code as per the current file-system – the fact that changes were not committed in git didn’t matter.

What is the behavior with eas update? Running eas build:list seems to suggest that the tool is aware of git commits and additionally the new terminology (e.g. “branch”) suggests a closer linking with git.


Solution (as of March 22) I can answer this myself after some experimentation: eas update will send the code as it is on your hard-drive. There is no need for the changes to be committed with git

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