Why Expo build using eas build takes too long ? Why cant we run locally to speed up our work?

  • Our eas-cli version - 3.2.1
  • We are trying to build android apk and aab file which takes at least 30-80mins to build. Is it normal for free bees?

Hi @pintubetech

You can build Android apps locally on macOS or Linux with eas build --local
If you want to build iOS apps locally you will need macOS (because you need Xcode)

Running builds on your own infrastructure

Thanks for your guidance. But how can we do it on windows OS? Please guide us.

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eas build --local is not supported on windows, but you can still build for Android on windows using WSL(basicaly linux VM), or you can run expo prebuild and build it from android studio.

To build iOS app it has to be on macOS, there is no workaround for that.

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As wkozyra says, you should be able to use Windows Subsystem for Linux to build Android apps with eas build --local.

Also, unfortunately there’s no way to build React Native iOS apps without Xcode, and Xcode only runs on macOS. Blame Apple for that. You could of course rent a macOS instance in the cloud or something like that if you don’t have one.

Thank you

Thank you & will try on WSL first for Android.