When running the app on iOS simulator I see the app.json file instead of the app

I’m attempting to run my app on iOS simulator. I haven’t made any changes recently. The only change was an XDE update message which I followed.

Since this update every time I open the app on the simulator using XDE or exp ios it just sends me to Safari on the simulator and shows the app.json file.

I’m on SDK21 and using iPhone X simulator. Versions 45 and 46 of exp are causing this issue, but I know the app used to work with v45.

I’ve made no changes to my app.

This is what I see on the simulator:

@notbrent solved this for me in Slack.

I had the protocol set to http in XDE instead of exp. I think this also affected things when I tried to use the command line to run things.

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we removed those options from xde and exp now, so it won’t be possible to get into this state – https://github.com/expo/exp/commit/f3c489b65d44283cf8686fd8076045cd5ef2c7d0