Whats the go to solution to fix this error?

I still try to fiddle around and "try " to fix this error. whats the step by step lines or list of commands that i shoudl follow to resolve this error ?

How did you get here? Were you trying to npm install a react native module?

No sometimes it’s unabel to find the package even when it exists.

Usually this happens when you call the package when it hasnt been installed. but sometimes even when it exists, it just doesnt understands that it exists.

What version of node are you using? Sometimes the version of Node plays a factor here.

± node -v

Moving form npm to yarn, i think it helped . but
Whats the best node version to use ?

XDE will show a warning if Node version < 6 and if NPM version < 3. So you should be okay if you don’t see any warnings about your versions.