Invalid Version error prevents project from loading

I’m having a really weird issue with Expo right now. All my other React-Native projects work fine except for one. When I try to load it I get this error in Expo

It doesn’t seem to be anything in my code that is causing it. This error just started happening recently, but even going back to my project’s first commit doesn’t make it go away. The app loads perfectly fine in iOS simulator and builds successfully, it’s just Expo that’s not working.

Some things I’ve tried so far:
deleting my entire project and pulling fresh from github
reinstalling Expo XDE
restarting my computer

Anyone have any idea what’s causing this error?

So I think I solved my own problem, though I have no idea what caused it.

By removing the package-lock.json file and instead installing with yarn and creating a yarn.lock file, I no longer get the error. Both npm and yarn are using the same package.json file so I’m not sure why this is an issue.