What options are there to publish private apps?

Generic question, but I want to stay in Expo universe.

What do I mean by publish private app? Isn’t that ridiculous?
Well, I would like to share my home brew app with my friends, but not with the public. My friends are not IT people so its challenging for them to install Expo Go and download my different versions or install stand alone Android apps. Additionally, if they use iOS, I can’t give them my app.
For now, I am using expo publish and a couple of friends are happy by installing Expo Go. It almost feels like publishing a private app. I would love to know if I have better options, especially for iOS.

I have no professional experience with publishing apps. As far as I know, I would have to implement features like “report a user/post”, “reset password”, etc. during review process. This is possible, but effort for my spare time project. Also I have currently no interests allowing anyone to use my app.
I found this article explaining unlisted apps. It sounds interesting to me. Does it work together with Expo and/or eas submit? I browsed the docs briefly, but only found outdated documentation mentioning unlisted here and it is unclear to me if they talk about the same app-store feature.

Sorry, I know this topic broad and not 100% expo related. I am happy if receive sources for further reading or experience reports. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi @tomwaitforitmy

I suppose the Expo way would be to create an internal/ad-hoc distribution version of your app. For the iOS builds this corresponds with the “AdHoc” column in the table in the article you linked to:

No, that’s unrelated to the App Store.

If I understand the article and the Apple documentation correctly, you could distribute any iOS app that you have created as an unlisted app (whether using Expo or any other way of building an iOS app). It’s just a matter of adding a note to say you want it to be unlisted when you submit it for review, and then submit a request for an unlisted app link.

Thank you! Sounds good. Anyone having experience with that?

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