Expo Go for iOS can't open unlisted projects

Hi. I noticed Expo Go for Android can open unlisted projects, while the iOS version cannot. Is this by design?

Also, is it considered bad practice to set my project to Public ? This project already has public standalone version in Play Store (nothing confidential about it). I just want to let some iOS users use the app via Expo Go. But I don’t want people to see development stuff like builds, non-production release channels, members etc.

Hey @pedruzzi, this is expected. It is the result of changes we had to make in order to comply with Apple’s guidelines and remain in the App Store.


Thanks, but can you clarify the complete restrictions for iOS Expo app? For example: Can a non-authenticated user access a Public project? Can a authenticated user access a unlisted project of which they are not a member?

Can you also address the second question? Specifically, if I set my project visiblity to public, will everybody be able to discover and access my non-default channels?