What happened to the “all projects” button?

I’m using the latest version of expo go and the “all projects” button is gone, so, now I only see my recent deployed projects. Is it a bug or was it removed on purpose?

The “See all projects” button is still there on my version of Expo Go, at the bottom of the “Recent Projects” list in your Profile screen

If you’re sure it’s not there, please share the exact version of Expo Go and your OS

Iphone 11, iOS 14.6
Expo go 2.19.6

I don’t know if this info helps but on iOS simulator works, but physical device didn’t!

I also encounter this issue on android device.

It might be something related to the account itself, because today I invited my personal account to join the professional account, then I logged in with my personal account and the “See all projects” was there. not sure why though, but there’s something weird here :slight_smile: