What build will eas update, and which not ?

I am trying to clarify the update layers of what builds will be update if I run:

eas update --channel production

If I understood well now is the expo.runtimeVersion.policy that will define the version of an app. If I define this to be equal to 'appVersion', the runTime version will be equal to expo.version.

When using the command above only builds with the same channel AND the same version will be updated, is this right ?

(If I have two builds in production channel, one version 1.0.2 and one is 1.0.3, with runtimeVersion policy appVersion in case of update only the one with the equivalent version will be updated ?)


I am not 100% on how to answer this question, but I have some resources because I attended a workshop with the expo core team

Hope it helps :sweat_smile:

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Unfortunately didn’t find a clear answer. Thanks for the share though.

I, too have this question Good example of preview builds with EAS update using Github actions - #3 by matthewford