Weird Expo behavior automatically changes files

In my React Native Expo App there are few things I have to change in the node-modules folder to make my app work correctly.

For example I change the AppEntry.js file to select the navigator file as a start file for my app wich works great. Also I have to adjust the metro-bundler blacklist.js - wich also doesnt cause any problems.

But when I restart/rebuild the app it seems like every change I made is discarded and put back to default… Is this normal?

Is there a way we can persist the settings - because it gets annoying having to change this on every start. Yesterday I spend 3 hours finding a fixx and after I finally found one and installed a new package so I had to restart the app again the errors appeared again and I didnt know why but now I know…

(if you want to answer on StackOverflow: javascript - Expo keeps on changing Files - Stack Overflow)


You should never have to edit stuff in node_modules. Of course you might feel forced to do that because of some bug, but in general you should avoid this and find a better way to fix the problem.

Could you instead have a more or less empty App.js that imports from “the navigator file” and re-exports it? Or could you rename your “navigator file” to App.js?

For this, I believe you should rather “Customize Metro”.

By the way, I don’t think expo start changes stuff in node_modules, or I would be very surprised if it did, but yarn or npm (or expo install) would.

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