Webview served from cache not updating even if the source has new js and css versions

If the source for the webview gets updated e.g I upload a new build of the website with a new revision of the js bundle and css file, the webview is still loading from the cache the old source.

I am using expo as a wrapper for native functions so its a big issue. User wont see the new version unless they erase the app cache from settings in android.

So to go to production I am with a big bug here. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks.

What is the caching policy you use for the files on your website? That seems to be the problem.
One thing people sometimes do to bust caches is add a query string with random characters to it so you are requesting a different URL that is unlikely to be cached.

Like https://mydomain.com/mysite?cache_bust=abdas324bada3

I tried it and it worked but I ended up with another problem. The webview is in vue so the vue router uses /#/ to trick route changes. Since is an spa I am always in the same route. With the query string if i call the camera for example and then get back I am being forward back to the login screen with the querystring attached.

my bad. I was attaching the random number directly to the source of the webview. Now its on the state and it does not reloads the webview after camera call.

thanks @ccheever for the feedback :+1::+1::+1:

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