WARNING!!! Once your app is published it will receive updates from EXPO PUBLISH!

This is EXTREMELY unclear anywhere in the documentation! I have published an app in google play and it suddenly started to have updates from my development builds?? I think this is an AWESOME feature, but a HUGE problem if people don’t know this is how it works! I had the public connecting to my dev database!

Expo: PLEASE make this clear this is how this works. I have been using this for 6 months and reading documentation EVERYWHERE and have not read this anywhere. Imagine my surprise when an app in the google play store was suddenly seeing unfinished features? It is not obvious because of the lengthy build and export process that this would even be possible.

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you can disable OTA updates here

I actually really like the feature. I just wish it was documented somewhere as the default behavior.

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Here are some places where this behavior is documented:

You can help us make this clearer by submitting a PR to our docs.


Yes it is definitely not clear in the first link. It says how to publish in Expo and then how to publish in the store. Since those are two different sections one is lead to believe they are two different processes. A new section needs to be added for how to publish AFTER the app is in the store because now you can use the old expo native publish.


Even though it was clear, I think there should be a way to test the app before pushing the new version. Because dev mode is not enough.

Also, if I have a version 1.0.0 (app.json). Then I do a v1.0.1 and I publish changes, will 1.0.0 apps be updated ? Same question for 2.0.0 ?

I think too it is very unclear.

You can use different release channels, if I understand problem correctly. Check out exp publish --help and documentation page.

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