Warning about Constants.installationId after update to SDK 42

Hello everybody! Need help!!! After upgrading to SDK 42, I receive a warning:
Constants.installationId has been deprecated in favor of generating and storing your own ID. Implement it using expo-application’s androidId on Android and a storage API such as expo-secure-store on iOS and localStorage on the web.
This API will be removed in SDK 44.
at node_modules\react-native\Libraries\LogBox\LogBox.js:117:10 in registerWarning
at node_modules\react-native\Libraries\LogBox\LogBox.js:63:8 in warnImpl
at node_modules\react-native\Libraries\LogBox\LogBox.js:36:4 in console.warn
at node_modules\expo\build\environment\react-native-logs.fx.js:18:4 in warn
at node_modules\expo-constants\build\Constants.js:52:12 in constants.get__installationId
at node_modules\expo-firebase-analytics\build\ExpoFirebaseAnalytics.js:41:43 in callAnalyticsModule
at node_modules\expo-firebase-analytics\build\ExpoFirebaseAnalytics.js:79:34 in setCurrentScreen

Determined that the warning is related to expo-firebase-analytics . The search yielded nothing. What to do with the warning?
PS: I’m sorry if my question seems stupid to you. I have been working with Expo recently.

Hey @jackcat1, if you are not explicitly using Constants.installationId in your own code then you don’t have to worry about this. We’ll take care of updating the code in expo-firebase-analytics module https://github.com/expo/expo/blob/sdk-42/packages/expo-firebase-analytics/src/Analytics.ts#L181 when the time comes.

If you don’t want to keep seeing the warning, you can leverage LogBox from the react-native package to silence it. See: Debugging · React Native


Hi @adamjnav . Thanks for the quick response. You helped me a lot.

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