Constants.deviceId and Constants.installationId undefined?

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  1. SDK Version: 36
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all):IOS

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I am trying to get unique UUID for device , but I am getting all time undefined, i tried to run app on simulator and device both.
here is How I am getting.

        console.log('deviceID:', Constants.deviceId );
        this.updateContext('deviceID', Constants.deviceId);

        console.log('InstallationId:', Constants.deviceId );
        this.updateContext('deviceID', Constants.installationId);
      this.updateContext('deviceID', 'FCDBD8EF-62FC-4ECB-B2F5-92C9E79AC7F9');

Hi! this was a known issue, you can workaround it by upgrading to SKD 37, or wait for the next version of the iOS client to be released with the fix :slight_smile:

This Constant problem affects also Android : Expo bare: trying to find null `` error
Modules that use expo-constant also crash (firebase for instance)

where does firebase use expo-constants?

ah that’s only on web, which does not use expo-updates and works differently. it also ill not cause any crash for you because if any of the properties looked up on manifest aren’t defined it will just return undefined

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