Using firebase emulator in my managed expo app

Hi guys, see. i moved my expo app into production and i’m using firebase as my backend. so users have started to create accounts and generate some data so, i’m not longer able to do testing because i don’t want to populate my collections with useless data, so i decided to use firebase emulator to do testing when adding new features to my app but i can’t make it work. i already installed firebase emulator in my mac and this is how i’m trying to use it

import * as firebase from "firebase";
import "firebase/firestore";
import "firebase/functions";

const _DEV_ = true;

if (!firebase.apps.length) {

const firestore = firebase.firestore();
const functions = firebase.functions();
const storage =;

if (_DEV_) {
  firestore.settings({ host: "http://localhost:8080", ssl: false });

export { firestore, functions, storage };
export default firebase;

but it doesn’t work, any suggestions?