React Native Firebase using Expo Managed Workflow Set up possible?


I am setting up my first project and wanting to use expo Managed Workflow / React Native linked to firebase.

I have been using the guide seen here:

But it directs you to continue the set up here:

However it seems counterintuitive to the managed workflow because the set up requires you to alter code in the android files, which you can’t reach without ejecting as I understand it.

What am I missing - is this integration possible?

Hey @atothek2880,

That library is only referenced under the Bare workflow guide not the Managed one.


Under the Managed Workflow, I’ve followed the steps, I feel like it’s missing something? Do I need to install expo install firebase ? I thought that was just referencing the JS SDK.

In Managed Workflow you can use JS Firebase only. If you ever ejected to bare, there’s a hack which automatically selects between react-native-firebase and JS SDK depending on whether you are running your app in Expo Client or building it yourself.