useNativeControls react-native-video? (non-expo)

Hi there,

The useNativeControls prop of the <Video> component in expo is very good. I think it really is the native video player controls of the platform? Is this true? What caused my surprise was seeing there were even a such thing for native android controls. I never ever saw something like this. Videos in Androdi always popped up in an external app. If this is really native controls then this is absolute spectacular! Does anyone have link to repo where this code lives? I couldn’t find it in here -

This is the android video controls in expo, it looks really native, but i have never ever seen this kind of player in Android before, which native Android component does this come from? Where are the docs for this? -

I can’t find any other react-native lib that offers this, does anyone know of one? I searched and - I have a react-native init project (non-expo). -

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