Uploading local builds to expo.dev account for internal distribution


We have local builds on our own infrastructure already set up thanks to the documentation and currently use another tool for internal preview builds before releasing to Apple/Google. I would like to abandon the other tool we use and instead “publish” or “submit” the builds we’re running so they show up in our expo.dev account under “Builds” - which they do when I build using non-local EAS infrastructure.

I’ve tested this scenario using non-local EAS infrastructure and it seems like I can link the build URL/QR code just fine because can use universal distribution with Apple. However, I can’t seem to find a way to send our local builds up to Expo for distribution within the cli.

Is there a way to do this currently without “submitting” to Apple/Google? Note that this is separate from the updates workflow.

Example of what I’m doing in the CLI:

npx eas-cli build --platform ios --profile beta --non-interactive --local
# output: ./release/my-app.ipa ==> send this to expo.dev