Upgrading detached Android app to SDK 24


I’m upgrading a detached app to SDK 24 and had some questions about the Android setup when resolving some conflicts between my custom Android code and the newly generated code. Based on the release notes, I removed android/, copied it from a newly created and detached project, and am now reapplying my changes locally.

Some specific questions:

  • What is AppConstants.java? Does this ever get regenerated? Will this need to get manually updated or generated, e.g. if we use a different release channel for certain builds?
  • I’m confused by the “Our dependencies from ExpoView” section of app/build.gradle. If they’re ExpoView dependencies, can I just delete from build.gradle and let the dependencies ExpoView needs get included transitively? If they do need to be kept in the file, is it safe to upgrade versions (e.g. to upgrade our gradle version, target sdk, etc.)?
  • The generated app source code is in the com.host.exponent package. Is it safe to move things over to a different package?

When I ask if something is “safe” I mean both whether it’ll cause issues now and if it’s likely to lead to difficult upgrades in the future.

Apologies if this is documented or discussed somewhere already and I missed it - please just point me in the right direction if that’s the case.


Hi yfva! No need to apologize. @notbrent writes a medium article for every sdk release which serves as the primary documentation for updates, but I couldn’t find answers to your questions in the one for SDK 24. Hopefully he could tell you more.

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Sorry to bump, but does anyone have thoughts on this? This is blocking us from upgrading, and we’re trying to avoid doing more native Android work until we upgrade given the nature of the upgrade path.

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