Upgrade to expokit 24, android app not working in expo. Also Detach

Works fine in ios but not working in android standalone app. I detached from expo from version 20 and before I didn’t have trouble updating both platform. However I am having trouble upgrading expo 24 from 23 in android. Before android won’t build giving below error.

I fixed this error by reverting below changes.

Then I am facing below error in MainActivity.

Therefore I downloaded expoViewUrl for sdk 23 to compare with 24 and found out that there are lots of changes made in sdk 24.

Before sdk 24 the directories used to look like below.

And now directories looks like below.

I feel like there need more guideline to this updates.
Please help me upgrade to sdk24. What should be done?

Also I am seeing ExponentDevActivity instead.

Hi, what instructions did you follow when you initially tried to upgrade? As mentioned in the release notes, there are some special instructions for updating Android ExpoKit to SDK 24.

I also tried to detach expo from new project created by expo xde. I waited for 6 hours and it is not working. See screenshot below.

Android won’t download. Can you try yourself? I feel buggy in detached android version for expo sdk 24.

Also answering your question, I followed all instruction given except that I couldn’t detach from expo init. Have tried 2 times. Will try again tough.

I’ve just tried with exp init. and won’t work throwing below error. Screenshot is below.

I’ve tried again twice creating project with expo xde and detach won’t work. Keep freezing during Downloading Android Code!!!

It looks like your internet connection is having trouble downloading large files, in both circumstances. I’m not sure what to recommend for now, other than finding a more reliable connection.

This is really strange. I couldn’t download the android from newly created project from expo however when I’ve upgraded my previous project that was not detached, it worked. Therefore I was working from there. However had problem in android tough and I am confused what to do.

Please help me where I posted another help in below link.

Thanks for regards.

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