Upgrade to SDK 48 gives lot of yellow box warnings on iOS

Hi, I trying to upgrade from SDK 47 to SDK 48. The app runs fine but I am getting a lot of yellow box warnings on iOS like this:
WARN (ADVICE) View #229 of type ABI48_0_0RCTView has a shadow set but cannot calculate shadow efficiently. Consider setting a background color to fix this, or apply the shadow to a more specific component.

I using libraries like react navigation, react native paper and reanimated 2. I’m getting no warnings on Android so it is only iOS that have problems.

Anyone had similar problems or knows how to fix this problem?

I have debugged some more. Looks like it is “react-native-paper”: “^5.2.0”, that is causing the error on iOS.
Here is a similar github issue: React Native V0.71.0 Shadow Warnings · Issue #3593 · callstack/react-native-paper · GitHub

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