Bunch of yellowbox warnings when running detached app in development

I just detached an app on SDK 28, and there’s a bunch of yellowbox warnings related to Expo classes and base React Native stuff that come up when I run it in the iOS simulator (haven’t gotten to Android yet). They only happen after you build/ run the app and the JS is loaded the first time. They don’t appear when the JS is hot-reloaded a second time. I haven’t seen any negative side effects- just wondering if I should be expecting these or if I’m doing something wrong that might come back to haunt me. Thanks!

Here’s the errors (the second line of the last error is cut off, but it’s the same as the others)

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back on iOS after working mostly with Android, and really curious about these, so bumping in case anyone has any idea. Thanks!

You aren’t doing anything wrong, and there is no negative effect about those which will come back to haunt you. React Native generates these warnings if Xcode is running from a debug build scheme (which is why you’re only seeing them after detaching).

The solution would be for someone to commit a change upstream to react native to silence that warning, since we are deliberately avoiding the RCT_EXPORT_MODULE() macro on those modules.


Oh, and since these only appear from Debug Xcode schemes, they also will never show up in any Release build you create for your app.


A temporary solution would be to ignore them would be:

console.ignoredYellowBox = ['Class EX', 'Class RCT']; 
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Sounds good - nice to know I’m not breaking anything. I’ll ignore them. Thanks, guys!

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