Unknown eas build error with iOS

I have signed up for an Apple Developer Account and plan to use Expo’s Development Build after running into issues with Expo Go and Firebase. I am getting an error after doing eas build. I get through multiple steps before the actual build step and it fails with the below error:

🍏 iOS build failed:
Unknown error. See logs of the Install pods build phase for more information.

I have tried multiple times, and it still does not work. Additionally, I tried doing eas build:configure ahead of time, and that did not change anything.
My eas.json seems to be standard according to the docs, and I can’t seem to find this same error anywhere. Any help is appreciated, thank you!

To add, if I comment out all of the firebase-related code and do expo start, it works fine.

For me firebase was the problem, after uninstalling firebase and expo firebase recaptcha from my project, my build succeeded.