Unimodules vs config plugins?

I ran into a dependency that needs changes to Appdelegate.m. I’m reading up on config plugins, and it recommends creating a wrapper package to add unimodules support over dangerously editing appdelegate as a string in a config plugin.

Sounds like a great idea, but does anyone know if there’s a tutorial out there? All that’s linked to is a huge PR that serves as an ‘example’ (apparently the expo-branch package). But any pointers would be great.

I’m also wonder if a unimodules wrapper would give me any MainApplication.java swizzling support (I need to add something to onCreate).

we’re working on this but we don’t have a good public facing solution yet. you can see some of the progress in this pr

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Thanks. That’s specifically for config plugins though. I was hoping unimodules already had some kind of support for it (as there’s normally no manual configuration possible/required in a managed project for any of them).

the pull request i linked to is adding infrastructure to support the equivalent of swizzling MainApplication.java and MainActivity.java, built into unimodules/expo-modules-core. we’re working towards making all of the dependencies in a bare project / prebuild template use this type of infrastructure then we’ll be in a good spot to document it