What are "extraModules" in unimodules?

While implementing expo unimodules to ios application this step pops up https://gist.github.com/brentvatne/fb4f58eb891f097aa8db85c0a909a47e#file-appdelegate-m-L27-L32

I’m not entirely sure what this bit is for, i.e. what would be considered as

custom RCTBridgeModules

And how would they be added there if needed?

i updated the comment in a new gist to clarify that this is for dependency injection, see https://facebook.github.io/react-native/docs/native-modules-ios.html#dependency-injection

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@notbrent Gotcha. I assume its normal that with auto-installable modules there is no include added to Podfile? It only updated my Podfile.lock file and added new package there.

yeah the use_unimodules! function will search node_modules for unimodules and add them to podfile for you

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