Undo detach and exp convert?

I tried converting my project to expo and detaching to use a module unsupported by Expo.

This had just been a big headache and I would like to know if there is a way to go back.

The most straightforward way would be to use the features built into your version control software. If you aren’t using any version control, you might want to set that up right now before making any more changes.

To undo a detach, if you haven’t made any changes since detaching, you can simply remove the ios and android directories, and remove the detach and isDetached keys from exp.json.

exp convert probably didn’t make tons of changes to your app, so you’re almost back to where you started. But those small changes it did make are probably mostly in the category of changing package.json dependencies. A good start would be removing the few references to Expo that it added in your JS.

thanks, could I not just remove the exp.json entirely? and yeah I’m using git but wasn’t sure it was as simple as reverting a commit or two.

Yeah, in that case the best thing to do is just revert your git state to wherever it was before you ran the convert script. We aren’t making changes anywhere else other than inside your project directory, so that should cover everything.

@indefinitelee Hey, what are the issues you were facing after detach? I have detached as there was no support for FCM but I am facing lots of issues after detaching and can’t really go back too. Sadly, project delivery is at stake.

@ben I have been facing lots of build issues, crashes and few features not working too. Application development has been going at a very good pace till we reached FCM and had to detached. At this point where we are considering migrating the whole thing to normal react-native without expo. Any help will be appreciated.