Unable to test poor network connection in Expo app

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I’m trying to test out how our app works in a poor connection, but when I turn on the Network Link Conditioner on iOS (under Developer menu in settings), the JS that downloads on every Expo load takes forever, as this goes through the poor network I set in Network Link Conditioner too.

Is there any way of testing out an Expo app with poor network conditions without waiting half an hour between each load?

Our app is crashing in poor network conditions, so getting to the bottom of this is quite important.

Thanks :pray:

Hi @fredrivett - I’m assuming that you’re trying to test this out in development mode, rather than a published app. I’m not sure there’s a great way to do this other than turning off Network Link Conditioner while the bundle downloads and then turning it back on again as soon as the app loads. You could try running expo start --no-dev but that might also give you some weird behavior, so ymmv.

If you’re using a published app, you can use the Updates API to configure the app to load a cached bundle instead of downloading one from the internet. You should also be able to log things to the system logs (or use sentry) so you might have the best luck testing via publish. You can use a different release channel to avoid publishing updates to users.

Thanks for the reply here @esamelson. I’m midway through another task, but plan to get back to this in the next couple weeks. Will endeavour to reply here with my findings on the published app route.

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