Outbound API requests timeout on iOS after publishing


I’m using SDK version 41, and I’ve run into a problem on iOS published apps that I’ve not been able to understand.

I am designing an API-heavy application, and when running a published app in Expo Go my network requests all timeout. The app loads fine, but I am not able to get responses from remote servers. I can confirm that the servers are receiving the requests, but no response is received by my app in Expo Go. I have been using apisauce/axios, but I see the same problem results using fetch or XMLHttpRequest.

What’s strange is that it all works fine in not just the simulators but also the Expo Go app when served from my local network. It’s only published apps that are having this problem, and I’m not really sure how to troubleshoot effectively.

Any ideas?

I can confirm that the issue happens on Android too.

I am confused about what is going on here and am thus struggling to troubleshoot effectively. Why would an app behave differently when published vs when streamed locally?

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