unable to select specific team and provider with eas build for ios

managed workflow

eas-cli/0.54.1 darwin-arm64 node-v16.15.0

Build automatically select team of the account and is not giving option to select .

eas cli will prompt you to select the time every time you run a build in interactive mode. can you please share a screenshot showing what command you run and the output?

The expo command accepted a --team-id argument, but the eas command does not, instead requiring user interaction to select both team and provider. This is a significant shortcoming when using one codebase to build apps for multiple teams. Simply providing --non-interactive is not a replacement for this functionality, because the team may change from build to build.

would you be able to explain your exact workflow to provide more context on this? we’re certainly open to adding this flag to eas build but I’d like to know exactly what workflow we are enabling by doing so

Hi, @brents. Same case as EAS project ID with dynamic configuration - #9 by alpinemedia If we have one codebase that targets multiple developer accounts, there must be some way to provide configuration to direct eas-cli to select a specific team. As later became clear in Discord, there is a bug/regression in eas-cli that only respects EXPO_APPLE_TEAM_ID when using an API key, not when using username/password. My request here is not specifically for a command line flag, but for some way to programatically select the team. Thanks!

App Store Connect API keys are team-specific anyhow, right? Does selecting the team when using an API key make sense?

can you message me in discord so we can set up a call to discuss this further? ideally you can walk me through on your end what your release process looks like. i’m brentvatne on https://chat.expo.dev/