Unable to resolve module (sound files)

What is the proper way to ‘require()’ a sound file?

I’m trying to load local sound files (.aif) into my app and I’m attempting to require each sound file inside of an object in a module I’m calling ‘soundData.js.’

but on booting up using ‘expo start’ I keep getting this error:

Unable to resolve module ‘./assets/songs/FastHappy/filename.aif’ from soundData.js. Indeed because none of these files exist: path/to/soundfile/filename.aif(.native||.ios||.js||.native.js|.js|.ios.json …) what does this mean?

Do I have to specify the type of file I am importing? And if so, where and how would I do this?

Thanks All

I think you are importing it from wrong path. To fully answer your question present your project directory structure and try adding …/assets