[expo-av] How to load sounds from native projects

Hi there!

I am currently using react-native-sound for audio playback. Actually, I have a super simple use case with some static sounds that need to be played on press.

As described in react-native-sound docs I have added all my audio files to the native projects so they’re bundled (android/app/src/main/res/raw for android and on root level for iOS). When loading the files im my code I can use the absolute path like for example createSoundFunction('my_sound.mp3'). No need for relative paths within the JS. I think this approach is pretty smart so I would like it in expo-av as well. Unfortunately I haven’t seen anything about this approach in the docs and it seems not to work with expo-av.

I would expect await Audio.Sound.createAsync(require('my_sound.mp3')) to work but it throws an error: my_sound.mp3 could not be found within the project. In addition to that I need dynamic file names like e.g. await Audio.Sound.createAsync(require(${soundName}.mp3)). This will not work with the require calls inline. So basically I need something like await Audio.Sound.createAsync('my_sound.mp3') where the file is in androids res/raw or iOS root folder.

Does someone have a hint for me? Thanks!