Unable to reach external API when ran as APK

When using my app within Expo, I’m able to reach my API server using it’s public facing IP without issue. However, once I build it in EAS and install the generated .APK, I’m unable to login, presumably because it’s unable to reach the API server. What I can interact with in the unauthorized context of my App works as expected, but I can’t do anything that would require reaching out to the API server.

The link generated after eas update --auto creates a version of the app to be launched within Expo and THAT method works as expected with signing in /creating users but that requires Expo :frowning:

I’m trying to build a version of my app I can give to a small group of people to test and get feedback on, without having to upload this to the Play Store just yet.

Biggest questions:

  1. Can I simply give an Android user my .APK file to install on their device and that be a functional copy of my app? API access and all?
  2. Or do I need to have them install Expo and just give them a link to the expo server I’m running too?

Sorry for newb questions, the internet just says ‘eas build, gg ez pz’ and I can do that, but it just can’t hit my API server :frowning:

I also have this error, did you fix it?

Not yet :frowning:

I was finally able to get some kind of idea on what’s going on by running the app in the web client and noticed CORS errors when connecting to my API.

I’m trying to attach the debugger to my development build but running into problems with that, so go figure :slight_smile: but maybe that’ll cross one thing off the list for you

This might help:

Because a native app is not a web browser, CORS is not really a problem there as far as I know, so this might be a red herring. I think it’s more likely an issue with lack of SSL on the server.