Can't log in when setting up development build

I’m following the getting started guide set out here Create a development build - Expo Documentation and I’ve managed to create a build and get it on my device.
The problem is getting access to my development server. According to the video one should be able to log in to your account by pressing the profile in the upper right corner and logging in.

Here’s the issue: I click log in → brings me to the site to log in. I enter my username and password which checks out, but I get the message “Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid”.

From there on, I get the same message whenever I click on Log In on the account page in the app. Clearing history and Website data makes it possible to get back to the login screen but I still have the issue.

I’m on a managed workflow.
I’m running eas-cli/4.1.2 darwin-arm64 node-v18.15.0

Would love any help.

hi there!

it sounds like it is trying to link back to a deep linking scheme that doesn’t exist. do you have a scheme set in your app.json or, if you have a bare app, in your native project?

Thank you so much for getting back to me :smiley:
I’m not even able to start the server. Maybe this video help explain the problem better?

so yeah, like i said above it seems like maybe you don’t have a deep linking scheme configured right. if you can add me to your project on GitHub (my username is brentvatne), I can investigate? otherwise share a minimal reproducible example

Hi Brents,

It’s clear that I don’t understand how all of this is connected. I’ll add you to the repo, thank you!

Ultimately what I’m trying to achieve is being able to use native packages (and native code I might write myself) where expo doesn’t provide an API. Right now, I need to use react-native-nfc-manager which I believe requires a development build? Or perhaps I just need that to feature my own native code. In any case, getting the NFC package is my priority right now.

hey there! I’ll check out your repo.

to unblock yourself here – you don’t actually need to sign in to open your project, it’s just a convenience. you can skip signing in the development build and proceed working on your project

one thing I noticed from looking at your most recent build page:

is this intentional? in the repo that you shared, you do not have an ios directory. if you have an ios directory locally and don’t want it to be pushed to eas build, you should add it to gitignore. it’s possible that you generated this at one point by running npx expo run:ios or npx expo prebuild. if you don’t intend to modify that directly, but instead have it generated on demand when you run a build on EAS Build (or if you want to ever debug something locally in Xcode), then you can also just delete the ios directory locally.


Yes, that’s right, because it includes native code that is not part of the Expo Go app.

For your own native code, check out the Expo Modules API.

Was away over the weekend so apologies for slow reply here.

Ah, got it. I’m pretty sure that’s what happened. I built it locally and pushed it to EAS build. Didn’t know EAS built the prebuild for you like that. I’ve read up a bit more on EAS and it has become somewhat more clear how it all fits together. Thanks for pointing that out.

As side note, did you also get access to my instance of EAS when I invited you to GitHub? How is that connected?


Thanks Wodin, noted!

Brent is an Expo team member, so he has access to your build logs. That’s unrelated to GitHub access to your source code.

Ah, of course. Thanks!