Unable to compile expo web project

I am a devops engineer and I recently tasked with setting up a CICD pipeline for a nodejs project which uses expo.

the developer uses this command “expo build:web --no-pwa” to build and compile web files.

The command works perfectly on the developer machine and mine which are both Macbook PRO.

When i try to run the same command on a AWS EC2 running AmazonLinux or inside the Docker Image node:16.15.1 ,

I get the same error

Failed to compile.

Cannot find file './Divider' in './components/divider'.

Can somebody please help me what is the difference between local and a virtualized environment?

Hi @vikas_devops

Macs use case-insensitive filesystems by default. Linux filesystems are generally case-sensitive.

I think you’ve find that one case of the directories or the index.tsx file do not match the import statement(s) in the code.