Unable to build standalone app as per docs. Workaround

Just pointing this out, in case anybody else needs this.

As per the docs here, I should hit exp start first. This command gives me some logs, a QR code, and a URL. Now when I try exp build:android here, absolutely nothing happens. None of the exp commands work after this.

To get around this, I only run exp build:android command (without exp start this time). Things should work fine now. Also, the exp build:android builds BOTH binaries for ios as well as android. [Update: My bad. exp build:android does NOT build both binaries.]

I’m not sure if this is expected, but somebody should update those docs :slight_smile:

exp version 47.2.2

Cheers for the project, though. You guys are doing an amazing job!

hi- exp build:android doesn’t build both binaries i don’t think, but it will run a publish command which will build your javascript for both platforms, which is slightly different than doing a binary build but would cause your apps to both update since they use the same code.

You can get the same effect by just running exp publish.

I’m not sure why exp build:android makes everything stop working if you exp start first. That shouldn’t happen but I’m glad you found a workaround.

Thanks for replying! Yes, you are right; exp build:android does not build both binaries. It builds an iOS bundle. I’ll update my original post so it’s not misleading. Still not sure why I get stuck on an exp, after exp start though.

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