Exp build:android not working?

hi ! im trying to install the apk of my app on my cellphone with exp build:android but it doesnt seems to… work! this is a screenshot ! http://puu.sh/xy2qo/fab3d6f6a3.png

thanks fo you help !

Sorry, not sure i understand what is happening. Did the build command not terminate?

indeed! its stuck there for hours and doest do anything else !

@tibillejoe what does exp build:status return?

oh my god it returned an apk!!! thanks ! i dont know why it didnt give me the first time ;___; thanks =)

@tibillejoe no worries! let us know if you have any other issues.

i have a similar problem when trying to build the standalone apk, i installed exp, since im using windows 8 i used cygwin, i started exp (exp start) and after it shows the qr code and apparently loads completly, i use the command ‘exp build:android’ and do nothing, does not propts anything, when i use the command ‘exp build:status’ it does nothing… can anyone help please?

How did it go? Did you get any results on Windows 8?

I wonder if anyone has this problem!

@quinlanj can you help me?