TypeScript support for Expo CLI

Hi guys, great job on Expo CLI, but recently I have seen a huge wave of Expo configured with TypeScript boilerplates on GitHub. It would be great if the Expo CLI supported TypeScript out of the box, something like expo init my-project --typescript
I will totally contribute to make this a success, but I first need to be put in the right direction on how to get started with it

Hey @rjforty,

Yeah, the TypeScript wave is riding high right now. I’m going to get you in contact with @fson as he’ll know best how to move forward with a PR. We’ll be in touch!


Let’s make this happen

Very happy to help test this. We’re big on Typescript in my team and built in support for it in Expo would help me win them over.

Yep, built in typescript will win my team too!

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