Trying to use expo-splash-screen plugin without success

  1. SDK Version: 45.0.0
  2. Platforms: iOS and Android

Hello, I was searching for a way to dynamically change the splash screen image according to Brent’s comment on this feature request, however, I couldn’t achieve my goal, I assume I am doing something wrong.

Although the plugin is neither versioned nor documented, I tried adding the dark object property to the [ios|android].splash objects and also registering the plugin but it didn’t work.

These are my app.config.ts contents:

const splash = {
  backgroundColor: "#ffffff",
  dark: {
    backgroundColor: "#000000",

const config = {
  name: "socialcondo",
  slug: "socialcondo",
  orientation: "portrait",
  icon: "./assets/icon.png",
  userInterfaceStyle: "automatic",
  updates: {
    fallbackToCacheTimeout: 0,
  assetBundlePatterns: ["**/*"],
  ios: {
    supportsTablet: true,
  android: {
    adaptiveIcon: {
      foregroundImage: "./assets/adaptive-icon.png",
      backgroundColor: "#FFFFFF",
  plugins: [

export default config

Hi @elkevinwolf

Have a look at @outatime’s post here.

I don’t think you need add it to your plugins section.

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