EAS running without installing plugins?

I have CI where I need to just change secret using EAS.
The problem is that I need to have plugins installed otherwise it fails.
So for just changing one secret using eas-cli I have to wait 5 minutes for installing all the packages using yarn.
Is there a way to change secret using cli without installing the packages?

can you explain what you mean by “change secret using EAS” - do you mean running eas secret? what is the use case for this?

Yes, eas secret.
We use secrets for dynamic versioning so I bump version before building and submitting.

so, you store the app version in a secret and then increment it in a ci job? how do you read the version into the app, via process.env in app.config.js?

Yes, via process.env.

have you considered using something like https://increment.build instead?

eas-cli needs to evaluate your project config in order to establish which project it is operating on. you could cache node_modules to speed it up.

edit: i’d also like to add that i think we should have a better solution for the use case of storing build versions remotely. this is something we’re thinking about and if you have any suggestions on how you think this should work, let us know!

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