The application stopped, after doing detach

Good afternoon

I just made the detach of my application following the guide, and then I followed the guide to continue with the development of my application, I run exp start and opened the android folder in Android Studio and later I run it on a device and an emulator, but when I try to launch the application I get “the application stopped”, and I don’t know what else I must do to continue with the development.

Thank you


Exact same issue, except that I used $ npm run eject then chose “Detach to Expokit” from the command-line menu. I didn’t edit a single file in Android Studio (although I did permit it to carry out a few auto-updates).

I fixed the issue by removing the exclude line contained within the compile (‘’) block. I wish the eject process did this automatically—it took me at least an hour-and-a-half to figure out the issue, as Android Studio was all new to me.